Why I Love My Job

02nd December * 2 min read

Why I Love My Job – Courtesy of Ant:

There aren’t many of my friends who go to bed on a Sunday evening looking forward to starting work again on Monday… but I do.

In my line of work (Personal Training), no day and no training session is ever the same and that is something I really like about my job. Now, don’t get me wrong, some days are hard work and can be very long hours, but as a whole, I enjoy my work and I wouldn’t change my job.

I’ve worked in the fitness industry for over half my life, I have had to adapt and change the way I train clients, write nutrition plans and even market my services as trends change and fads come and go. This alone keeps me on my toes and the variety that brings to a job like mine is usually challenging but also kind of fun.

There are many trainers out there who say their job is easy… in my opinion and in my experience that is not true. In order to give your clients the best service possible, in order to deliver challenging, suitable and specific training sessions day in day out, it takes time to plan and also time to learn through continual professional development and attending various different workshops. However, although this can be hard work at times, there is a reason why I have a waiting list of around 20 clients who want to train with me, and those who say it’s easy are struggling to find clients. If you invest in your education, if you read around your area and if you are willing to learn, then the fitness industry is one of the most financially rewarding industries to work in. Where I train the trainers have been there for a long time and on average we earn between £40,000 and £50,000 a year.

Being a Personal Trainer is not just about the financial reward. One of the reasons I’ve stayed in the industry for so long is the sense of satisfaction you get working with clients. I have worked with hundreds of clients over the years and the ones I remember are the ones that challenged me to get results. If you can help a client who is recovering from a stroke or an illness to regain range of movement, strength and improve their quality of life, then the sense of achievement and internal reward that provides far outweighs the financial benefits.

If you are reading this short article today and you are dreading going to work tomorrow, yet you have a passion for fitness, health and helping people, then a career in personal training could be for you.

I have completed several CPD courses with Fitness HQ and I am in no way incentified to write this, but in my opinion Fitness HQ is one of the best training providers out there and before you purchase a personal training course elsewhere, contact Fitness HQ to see what they have to offer.

Make that step today and you won’t be disappointed.

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