Why Become A Sports Massage Therapist

10th January * 2 min read

At Fitness HQ we are renowned for delivering some of the best fitness qualifications throughout the UK. As well as delivering Personal Training courses we also deliver a nationally and internationally recognised Sports Massage course, which is delivered at our Cardiff, Liverpool and Manchester academies.

So, why complete our Level 3 Diploma in Sports Massage Therapy?

Firstly, our Sports Massage course is possibly one of the most interesting courses we deliver. It is fun, interactive and extremely practical. In fact, that’s what some of our previous students enjoyed the most; ‘the course was great, because it was so hands on I really got to learn more and understand the various techniques far better than just reading a book or PowerPoint‘ – Nicola, Manchester Sports Massage Course.

More reasons

  • If you are a Personal Trainer then you will be well aware of the importance for recovery and how sports massage can help support this process. If you were to complete our Sports Massage course you would then be able to offer an additional service to your clients, which results in an extra income stream. This makes a lot better business sense rather than referring your clients to someone else.
  • Coaches – if you coach a football, rugby, hockey or any sports team, then this qualification would help you support the recovery of your clients and ensure they are injury free or rehabilitating the way they should be. You may also be able to generate an extra income stream from the club, team and/or players.
  • Looking for an extra income? A Sports Massage Therapist can expect to earn up to and in an excess of £35 an hour working with 1-2-1 clients or £50 an hour working with local sports teams. So whether you are a stay at home parent or a high flying executive, you can generate an extra income in your spare time with little overheads. The reasons for completing our Sports Massage course are endless.

Don’t just take our word for how good the course is

Claire completed our Level 3 Diploma in Sports Massage Therapy in 2016. Following the completion of the course Claire provided us with this feedback:

“I’d highly recommend Fitness HQ and the Sports Massage Therapy course. The 6 weekends were fairly intense and full on, but I really enjoyed that. There is nothing worse than going on a course which is slow and boring – this course was definitely not boring! I’d recommend anyone who is interested in sports massage to give it a go. I didn’t have any previous qualifications in this area, in fact this was the first sporty and fitness type course I’d ever done. As a Banker, it was a complete change to my normal day to day life.

If you do decide to sign up to this sports massage course, I recommend you buy a bed (£60) and some oils and start practicing as soon as you start. I used to give free massages to my husband and friends to help prepare for the assessment. It worked really well and I passed first time. Not only that, once I qualified I started charging them and I made a little extra money to.

In a nutshell, Fitness HQ’s Sports Massage course was a great experience and I would highly recommend it to anyone”. – Claire, Cardiff Sports Massage Course.


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