What makes Fitness HQ different?

04th January * 3 min read

Like most big decisions in life, choosing who you complete your education with is difficult. Over the years the cost of education has increased year upon year due to overhead inflation, demand and other influencing factors. Having said this, completing a comprehensive, engaging and a well structured qualification with a nationally recognised Training Provider such as Fitness HQ is also extremely rewarding!

So what make Fitness HQ different to other training providers based in the North West and the rest of the UK?

Practice what we preach

It may surprise you to know that a number of “Fitness” or “Active Leisure” based training providers do not have any industry experience. They simply see the sector as a way of making money. Fitness HQ is quite the opposite. At Fitness HQ the Senior Management Team boast successful Personal Training careers as well as endured the long hours and late shifts on the Gym floor working as Gym Instructors, delivered countless hours of fitness classes and managed multiple facilities from small independent Gyms to some of the UK’s most renowned Fitness Chains. Furthermore, all of Fitness HQ tutors still continue to practice what they preach and run their own personal training business or sports massage clinic in addition to delivering Fitness HQ qualifications. This is a desired requirement for any new tutor who wants to join the Fitness HQ team. After all, if you haven’t done the job, how can you teach someone else to do it?

Furthermore, Fitness HQ owns a successful Personal Training and Membership based gym in South Manchester. We live, breathe and sleep fitness – so when you decide to do your Personal Training course or Sports Massage qualification with Fitness HQ, you can rest assured that you’re in good hands!


At Fitness HQ we believe that our delivery team is one of the most highly educated in the country. A number of our tutors have completed Master Degrees in Sports Science, Strength & Condition and Sports Psychology. Our mission is simple, we want to provide our students with all the knowledge and expertise they require to be successful in the industry.

Did you know: One of our students from last year has been shortlisted for personal trainer of the year!?… Just saying! Unlike other Training Providers, at Fitness HQ we don’t believe that newly qualified Personal Trainers are sufficiently educated or posses adequate industry knowledge to deliver a comprehensive qualification. All our students can rest assured that their tutor has been there and done the job… in fact most are still doing the job successfully today.

We employ Personal Trainers

Not only do we deliver industry recognised qualifications using some of the most sought after tutors and assessors in the UK, we also own a Gym. As outlined above, the Fitness HQ Management Team are fitness professionals as well as educators. We understand what it takes to be successful in this industry. Furthermore, the Fitness HQ team schedule annual health, wellbeing and fitness retreats to Spain. Health and fitness is in our DNA.

A low risk centre

To be a truly great Training Provider industry knowledge and experience isn’t always enough. What’s equally important is having the ability to pass that knowledge on to our students clearly and concisely. In order to do this, Fitness HQ have processes in place which ensure all students are treated fairly and all students receive the same level of support to exceed. Since day one, Fitness HQ has been considered a low risk center by all the Awarding Organisations we work.

Furthermore, Fitness HQ has delivered and does deliver a number of Government Funded qualifications via its parenting organisation Sports College UK and other Colleges who regularly observe our course delivery and consider us low risk with excellent teaching and learning. So rest assured, you are in good hands with Fitness HQ.

Don’t just take our word for it

It’s almost too easy for us to tell you why Fitness HQ is different or why you should choose Fitness HQ’s personal training course or sports massage qualification. Instead, why don’t you read or watch the many testimonials our current and previous students have provided:

Michelle (Personal Training Student, Liverpool): I recently completed a diploma in personal training with Fitness HQ at David Lloyd in Speke, Liverpool. The course was delivered over weekends and both Fitness HQ and the venue were amazing. I learnt so much on the course and I can’t wait to put it into practice with real clients. I can recommend Fitness HQ enough and if you’re lucky enough to have will as your tutor then you’re guaranteed to learn a lot.

In summary, why should you choose Fitness HQ for your Fitness qualification:

  • Fitness HQ are industry experts
  • The Fitness HQ team have superior qualifications
  • Fitness HQ are still active in the fitness industry and we own a fully functioning successful gym
  • The Fitness HQ team are considered Low Risk by all Awarding Bodies
  • Fitness HQ students refer friends or complete another qualification themselves
  • All our courses can either be purchased via payment plans or possibly Government Funding

Take it to the next level

We’re passionate about producing and developing industry leading fitness professionals and personal trainers.
Choose one of our fitness courses, get the qualifications you need and develop a successful career!

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