The magic happens outside your comfort zone!

08th February * 2 min read

Having reread Ant’s article that he wrote for Fitness HQ back in December (Why I Love My Job) it got me thinking about comfort zones and stepping outside of them. It’s not very often that you come across individuals who love what they do and get such value out of helping others, it’s more of a case that there are so many of us who punch in the hours Monday through to Friday without having any real passion for what we do. Or, having a passion for something but being too afraid to take the step. In other words, staying in the comfort zone.

This can also apply to our training, staying in our comfort zones without really challenging ourselves and in turn, seeing little or no progression towards your goals. It could be something like wanting to complete a 5k run but your comfort zone saying to you: “oh that would be too hard for you” or “that would require too much work”. Your comfort zone holding you back because it’s the easier thing to do. 

There’s a great little book by Susan Jeffers called “Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway!”. It’s all about stepping outside of your comfort zone into an area where you will feel a little uncomfortable. But, the more you step into this new ‘zone’, the easier it becomes and it will eventually become your new comfort zone. It’s all about personal growth and choosing to challenge yourself!

So, you might question what has this got to do with fitness? Well, think about Ant’s article and how he constantly on top of his CPD courses. His comfort zone would tell him to sit on his laurels that he’s doing okay as a Personal Trainer. But instead he chooses to challenge himself and keeps himself on top of his game. The same applies with training. It would be so easy to keep doing the same programme week in and week out because it’s the ‘easier option’. Imagine what would happen if you challenged your inner comfort zone and took the step outside of it?

So, remember those resolutions you made to yourself at the beginning of the year? Ask yourself if you’re still applying them or if your comfort zone is holding you back? It could be taking the plunge into becoming a Personal Trainer or a Sports Massage Therapist and if it is, Fitness HQ offer numerous courses that will challenge and help you personally grow. Or, if it’s around reaching your fitness goals, Fitness HQ have a network of Personal Trainers who are the best in the market. 

So you know what to do… feel the fear and do it anyway!

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The above article was written by a former student who completed our online Personal Trainer course last year.

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