Sports Massage, Rehabilitation and Performance

14th August * 2 min read

Massage as a whole has been used for hundreds and thousands of years for a wide variety of reasons. Some use massage to relax, de-stress and to feel good. Others use a more intense and slightly invasive approach called Sports Massage. Sports Massage has a number of benefits to regular gym users, athletes and the average Joe and Jane’s.

Quite often, clients of mine in particular, only seek a Sports Massage therapist once they’ve become injured or when they start to feel niggles, pains and creeks. In our opinion, this is probably too late. Injuries can be complex things to heel and quite often, rehabilitation can be a long journey. Now, if you are like us at Fitness HQ and you love to train, be active and enjoy all types of exercise, taking 6 weeks off to allow an injury to heel can be painful and draining. Regular sports massage can help prevent this.

I have been training, playing contact sport and weight lifting for more than 15 years now and my body is starting to break. I often look back over my playing career and feel that if I looked after myself better with regular sports massage treatments, scheduled appointments at the physiotherapist and listened to my coaches at the time, then I would possibly still be playing today.

The purpose of this article is to highlight the benefits of regular sports massage treatments, even if you don’t have any aches, pains or sore muscles and joints:

  • Benefit 1 – It’s relaxing which inevitably improves recovery after a tough training session, lifting heavy weights or pounding the roads when training for that marathon.
  • Benefit 2- It prevents injury.
  • Benefit 3 – It can help improve flexibility.
  • Benefit 4 – It can improve posture which also reduces the likelihood of injury.
  • Benefit 5 – It can improve performance in the gym or on the road or on the pitch.
  • Benefit 6 – It improves vasodilation of the lymphatic vessels.
  • Benefits 7 – It can reduce impairments for muscular function – more efficient muscles = better performing muscles.

The benefits truly are endless….

So, if you are a keen sports person, an athlete, an avid gym goer or someone is physically active, then I highly recommend you seek regular sports massage to help improve your performance, reduce stress and reduce the likelihood of developing an injury.

I hope you enjoyed this short article, for more information on Sports Massage Courses then please follow the link below.

Thanks, Richard

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