Non Exercise Activity Thermogenesis… What is it and how will it help with fat loss?

10th June * 2 min read

This weeks article was written by a current student at Fitness HQ. Aidan is a successful Personal Trainer based at Elite Physique in Stockport. Aidan is renowned for his knowledge in nutrition and his ability to simplify nutrition plans so his clients always get great results.

“So what is N . E . A . T?

Non Exercise Activity Thermogenesis refers to the energy you expend on a daily basis through everyday tasks. Examples include walking your dog, cooking, cleaning, getting in and out of your car. Basically it includes doing any form of movement.

This is a tool you can use to aid your fat loss journey. Using your phone or a steps tracker can be useful, trying to hit a minimum steps per day is a way of burning calories without directly doing cardio. It helps to keep you on your feet, meaning less time sitting down (improving posture).

By monitoring NEAT levels, you may find you’re burning sufficient calories throughout the day without having to prescribe additional cardio sessions (leaving you time to spend on other more important things such as taking the kids to the park – again you will be burning calories).

All I’m saying is it’s a good way to burn calories whilst getting day to day jobs done. Just think, if you spent 20 minutes hoovering the house rather than sat in front of the TV or walk the dog for 20 minutes in the morning and/or 20 minutes at night, if you start walking up the stairs at not use the lift and/or if you walk to the shop instead of driving the extra calories you would burn in a day will 100% contribute and have a positive effect on your fat loss goals. This also means that you could focus on other things at the gym such as improving strength, resistance training or improve mobility.

I’m not saying this is the quick fix to fat loss. There are lots of other variables which are much more important such as the number of calories you’re actually consuming each day. But it may be worth looking into if you struggle with time for the gym, if your fat loss has stalled or you’re looking to generally improve your lifestyle. After all, health and fitness is more than just how you look and these extra daily activities will not only help improve you cardiovascular / respiratory systems but they’ll also help you psychologically as exercise and physical activity is strongly linked with better psychological health”.

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