How to recognise a good personal trainer?

04th March * 1 min read

If you are considering investing in a personal trainer, it is important that you pick the right personal trainer for you. This article outlines what we would look for when investing in a coach or a personal trainer:

Tip #1 Are they interested in YOU? If your personal trainer spends more time looking in the mirror or talking about themselves and not you or your goals then we recommend you change your personal trainer immediately.

Tip #2 A good personal trainer doesn’t complicate their answers to your questions. If you have a question regarding your nutrition or training and their response is overly scientific or full of waffle, then in our experience it usually a load of rubbish. Quite often we come across personal trainers over complicating things and using language that confuses clients to make themselves look more knowledgeable. A good personal trainer would be clear, concise and informative in their response. On the flip side, a good personal trainer would also

Bonus Tip If they’ve complete a Fitness HQ Personal Trainer Course then they are one of the most well educated and well trained personal trainers in the UK! 😉

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