How to Choose the Right Personal Training Qualification:

30th August * 2 min read

The number of training providers offering personal training courses and other fitness qualifications is increasing every year. This is by no means a bad thing, after all variety is the spice of life. I’m sure all training providers are good in their own way and offer something different or unique. For example, at Fitness HQ we are different in the way that we still practice what we preach and all our tutors are extremely successful, well sought after and still practicing personal trainers and Fitness HQ is one of very few training providers to be approved to deliver the only recognised British Weightlifting qualifications.

The purpose of this short article is to outline what we would look for when deciding which personal training course to sign up to…. After all, these courses are not cheap. So, with this in mind we have listed in order of importance (to us) what we’d look for in a personal training course and a training provider:

  • Testimonials – what do past students say about the training provider or the course itself? I wouldn’t always look for written testimonials but try and seek video testimonials as these are always by far more valid and it gives you more information. Check out some of our video testimonials here: Testimonial 1, Testimonial 2, Testimonial 3.
  • Do they practice what they preach – unfortunately many CEO’s of various training providers see the sector as a money making machine – but actually have little to no experience in personal training. Although some would argue that as long as the tutors are good it doesn’t really matter? I would have to disagree, the CEO of any organisation is responsible for all the decision making and if they don’t understand how to get results with clients, how to work with clients and what personal training is all about, how can they effectively run a training provider within our sector?
  • After care – does the training provider support you in securing employment afterwards? At Fitness HQ we support all our graduates with a FREE online webpage to advertise your services, we share this directory with a large number of employers which has resulted in employment, we also sign post you towards current vacancies in your area by utilising our newsletter and e-shots.
  • Cost – cheaper is not always better. Don’t choose your education light-heartedly or based on cost. Cheaper providers must make some cut backs in expenses. These cut backs could be fewer direct delivery days, less resources or poorer venues.
  • Variety – does the training provider you are thinking of using offer a wide range of qualifications to help you succeed? Unfortunately, a personal training qualification no longer meets the needs of clients. Ideally personal trainers need to be educated in using Kettlebells, Suspension Straps, Weightlifting Techniques, Nutrition and maybe a more holistic qualification such as Pilates – At Fitness HQ we deliver all of these.
  • Social media – this can help you discover what kind of ethos the training provider has. Are they all about sales and numbers or are they about helping educate you and helping you get results with clients? The social media content of training providers really gives you an insight into their personality. Check out our social media platforms here: Facebook / Twitter / Instagram

We hope you found this short blog useful and helpful. Please remember these top 6 tips when choosing your personal training qualification and also feel free to contact us for help or guidance.

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