Free Legs Workout – With Video

19th April * 1 min read

At Fitness HQ we often boast that we are one of very few training providers who practice what they preach. With that in mind we decided to share with you one of our student’s lower body workouts for you to try.

However, before you give this a go, please make sure you seek approval from your trainer or fitness professional to make sure you are competent in all the lifts to avoid any injury or accident.

Aidan is a fully qualified personal trainer who is currently studying a leisure management qualification with Fitness HQ. Aidan trains at Elite Performance in Stockport where his clients goals range from fat loss to building muscle to increasing strength. In just two years Aidan has developed a strong lower body improving his squat from 40kg to 160kg!!

This particular workout has a mixture of intensity (heavy weights) and volume (high reps and supersets). Not every exercise has multiple sets, the idea here is that the intense sets (heavy sets) are performed maximally. With this in mind, one set is more than sufficient.

Give this workout a go and please leave your comments below. To contact Aidan for support, guidance or to enquire about his services then please visit his facebook page: Click Here

The workout:

  • A – Calf Raises 3×12-15
  • B – Squat 1 x 5 (All out set – following 3-4 warm up sets)
  • C – Squat 1 x 10-12 (All out set)
  • D – RDL’s 1 x 8-10 and 1 x 15+
  • E1 – Leg Extensions x 12-15
  • E2 – Leg Press x 15+

x 3 sets

  • F1 – Leg Curl x 12-15
  • F2 – Back and Hamstring Raises x Failure

x 2 sets

  • G – Bulgarian Split Squats 1 x Max Reps

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