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15th March * 2 min read

At Fitness HQ we really do practice what we preach. During today’s staff training we completed a relatively high volume and tough back workout. Fitness HQ is unlike any other training provider within our sector. Not only do our tutors have Degrees and Masters Degrees in their chosen areas of specialism, but they are also successful personal trainers who put into practice what they teach during our personal trainer courses.

What else makes Fitness HQ elite and unique? Well not only do our tutors practice what they preach, but the Directors and owners of the company are also fitness professionals with years of experience in the trenches working with clients and managing busy health clubs, private gyms and personal training businesses. This workout was designed by one of the Directors and he can be seen in the video below completing this brutal yet fun workout.

If you are considering a new career in fitness then we urge you to research as many different organisations as possible. We often receive referrals and enquiries from students because during their research they have found Fitness HQ to be amongst the best in the UK and also one of the most up to date with various training methods, nutrition strategies and above all – the most professional and experienced delivery team in the UK. Please give the workout below a go and don’t forget to let us know how you get on…

Back Workout:

  • A – Rack Pulls 4x 12-15
  • B – Seal Rows 4x 12-15
  • C – Single Arm Row 2x 20
  • D1 – Straight Arm Pull Downs 3x 12-15
  • D2 – Cable Prone Fly 1x 10-12 & 1x 20
  • E – Chin Ups 2x Max Reps

Enjoy and please don’t forget to contact us directly for more information on our personal trainer courses or sports massage qualifications – 08001123431.

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