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By signing up to a Personal Trainer Course or any of our fitness related qualifications you can rest assured that you are in good hands. At Fitness HQ we only employ tutors and assessors who boast successful businesses in health, fitness and leisure with years of experience.

Fitness HQ is unique in that part of our recruitment for new tutors is the expectation that they continue to practice what they preach by working with clients. Also, did you know that most of our tutors have a Masters Degree in their chosen field?

There’s a number of reasons why we only use tutors with years of experience:

  • You can only learn so much from a book. The experiences our tutors have leave you with not only a qualification but knowledge of how to apply what you learn on the course in real life.
  • At Fitness HQ we strongly believe that you can only teach a subject as complex and in depth as a Personal Training Course with experience.
  • Our tutors are also mentors and they are here to help you build a successful business. They can only do this if they’ve done it themselves.

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Will Koller

Fitness HQ Tutor


Joanne Norbury

Fitness HQ Tutor


Steve Hubbard

Fitness HQ Tutor

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We’re passionate about producing and developing industry leading fitness professionals and personal trainers.
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